FotoMini is a simple application : reducing photo images

  1. You can easily reduce images and store on your smart phone.
  2. You can launch FotoMini from Gallery directly, reduce the photo image, and send the reduced image via e-mail very easily.

FotoMini does NOT overwrite original photo images. It creates new reduced images in the FotoMini folder or a temporary folder.

The reduction method is called 'Smart Fit'.

What is Smart Fit ?

An image is reduced so that the whole image can be displayed on target devices such as smaller mobile phones.

You can specify the size of target devices NOT by width and height BUT by length of long and short sides.

The image is reduced to be fit in a rectangle with the long and shor' sides. (The ratio of long and short sides of the original image is preserved.)


The image is reduced according to the long-and-short-side ratio(aspect ratio).

1836(width) x 3264(height)
Target size is 320 x 240.
The reduced size is 180 x 320.
Target size is 320 x 160.
The reduced size is 160 x 284.

Pre-set size data

The following pre-set data is installed in FotoMini.

smart phone 1640480
smart phone 2960540
smart phone 31280720

Using FotoMini

Operation is simple.

  1. Specify 'Long' and 'Short' values.
  2. Select a target image.

Then, you can get a reduced image.

How to specify the 'Long' and 'Short' values

Input the fields

Input the numeric values in the 'Long' and 'Short' fields and press the button.

Selecting size in the list

Or, select a size in the list. The 'Long' and 'Short' fields will be filled in automatically.

Selecting a target image

If you press 'Select Image & Reduce!' button, you can pick an image from the image gallery installed on your smart phone. Then, a reduced image will be created and stored.

Folder for reduced images

The created images are stored in 'FotoMini' folder on the external storage (ex. SD card).

The file name is 'FM_widthxheight_creationdatetime.jpg', for example


As the created files are registered in the media database of the phone automatically, you can use them in other applications such as a mail software.

Sharing images with other applications

Launching from the gallery application

When a picture is shown in the gallery application, you can select 'share' menu. (or 'mail' menu on some phones)

Selecting FotoMini

Select FotoMini for reducing the image.

Reducing the image

Set the size values (or select size in the list) and press 'Reduce & Send!' button.

Image reduction

The selected photo image will be reduced.

Selecting application

Select an application for the reduced image.

Mail application

In this case, the reduced image is attached to a new message in the mail software.

Size information database

Storing the 'Long' and 'Short' values

You can store the 'Long' and 'Short' values with a label in the size information database.

After you input the values and label, press 'Add List' button.

If a record with the same long and short values exists, the record will be overwritten with the new data.(The label is to be overwritten.)

Records that have the same label but different long or short values can be stored as different ones.

If the label is empty, the record will be labeled as 'longxshort' and stored.

Using the stored size information

If you select a label in the list, the 'Long' and 'Short' fields will be filled in with values of the record.

The size information list will be sorted as the newly used record will be at the top of it. /p>

Modifying the information

You cannot delete an each record in the size information database. You can only modify the labels of the records.

If you want to delete some of the records, you can initialize the database.

Initializing database

Please press the button below if you want to initialize the database. You can move to the page for initializing database.

When you initialize the database, all records you created will be deleted and you can see only preset records.

About FotoMini

Version 1.0

Publisher : QuiltStyle

Developer : K&S Corporation

Copyright (C) QuiltStyle and K&S.

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