File Sending

You can send files from your PC to smartphone by using AirShooter over Wifi.

  1. Preapre the access info.
  2. Create a folder for receiving in your PC.
  3. Send files by using AirShooter.

Access Info

Like receiving, you need to prepare the Access info, which contains account info for your PC and folder info on it.

Tap the gear icon on the left bottom on the top page.

Then tap "Access Info".

You cannot create a new access info and cannot delete existing access info in lite version. You can edit the single access info in the version.

Please select one in the list and tap "Edit" if you want to edit one of the existing access info.

Tap "New" if you want to create new access info.

Editing Access Info

Refer to "File Receiving", if you want to know the overview of access info.

You can send files in two ways; selective and folder sending.

Selective Sending

In this type of sending, you can send files by selecting them on your smartphone.

You can select files in two ways; selecting them in file list and selecting photos in photo list.

Only the method of selecting from file list is available in lite version.


Folder Sending

In this type of sending, you can send files and folders in a folder to your PC.

Folder sending is not available in lite version.


Two Types of Sending

Tap "Send" on the top page.

Select "Selective Sending" or "Folder Sending".

Selective Sending

You can see the following figure if you select "Selective Sending".

Add files to the list
Add photos to the list
Check, uncheck all the list
Delete all the checked items
Send files in the list
Abort selective sending

Tap "Add files" button, then the following page will be shown.

This shows folders and files in your smartphone. Tap a file you want to add to the list.

Tap "Multi" button on the file selecting page, then you will be able to select multiple files at a time.

Multi select function is not available in lite version.

Multiple files are added to the list.

Tap "Add Photos" button , then you can add photos from the photo list.

Check in the small boxes at the right top of photos you want to add.

Larger photos are available if you check the option menu in the top page. They are shown as follows.

Please note that if you have too many photos in the smartphone, a lot of memories may be consumed for them and it may become unstable.

All photos that you checked are added to the list.

Tap "Send" button if you finished making the list.

Sending Files

Sending will start when you will tap "START" button.

Folder Sending

Operation for this type of sending is very simple. What you will do for this type is to tap "START" button.

Because all of information for sending is set in the access info, you don't need to set them when you want to send.


Results and histories of sending are saved. Refer to "File Receiving" if you want to know detail of them.