File Receiving

You can receive files from your PC to smartphone by using AirShooter over Wifi.

You can do it with the following three steps.

  1. Prepare the access info.
  2. Create a folder for sending in your PC and put files in it.
  3. Receive them by using AirShooter.

Access Info

You need to prepare the Access info, which contains account info for your PC and folder info on it.

Tap the gear icon at the left bottom on the top page.

Then tap "Access Info".

You cannot create a new access info and cannot delete existing access info in lite version. You can edit the single access info in the version.

Please select one in the list and tap "Edit" if you want to edit one of the existing access info.

Tap "New" if you want to create a new access info.

Editing Access Info

"Access info" consists of four parts; Name, Account Info, Receive and Send.

To receive files, you need to fill at least the following three areas;name, account info and receive.


You cannot set (change) the folder for receiving in lite version.

Folder and files in your PC

Create a folder in your PC and copy files into it. You can also copy a hierarchy of folders into it. All of the files and folders are will be sent to your smartphone.

Receiving files

Tap "Receive" on the top page.

Receiving will start when you tap the "START" button.

In the last figure, "Fol 3 / Suc 11 / Skip 0 / Err 0 " shows the result of receiving.

FolThe number of folders that were successfully transferred.
SucThe number of files that were successfully transferred.
SkipThe number of files that were NOT transferred (because they were old or other reasons ...)
ErrThe number of erros that occured (because of network error or other reasons ...)


Received Files

AirShooter does not have functions of "filer". You need to use applications such as filer to check received files.

Result of Receiving

You can see results of receiving files and folders.

Tap the icon at the left bottom, then You can see the result.
Tap the icon at the left bottom again, then you an see the history.
Tap an item in the history, then you can see the each result.
You can see the each result of transferring file.