Let's make Zoo Book!

Let's make books with animal sounds.

There are some books that you can record your voice as animal sounds. Let's try voice recording!

Where is a book with animal sounds ?

You can record your voice in books with animal sounds.

In zoo book list, You can find a book with animal sounds such as 'SCARY ROAR', for example.

* Let's make 'SCARY ROAR'

Press 'Make Zoo book'

Record your voice

* Microphone and speaker icons

At first, select an animal that you want to add to the zoo book 'SCARY ROAR'.

In the page, you can see that the microphone icon is green which means you can press it.

Press the microphone icon, then recording panel will appear.

* Recording panel

Scroll ...

How to record

* Start recording

Press microphone icon in the panel, then the icon will become red and recording will start.

The longest recording time is 10 seconds. Talk to the phone while the recording bar is extending.

If the bar reaches the right edge or you press the red microphone icon, the recording stops.

Your voice is recorded as the temporary data.

* Hear your voice recorded just now.

Press the green speaker icon, then you can hear your voice.

If you can hear nothing, adjust the volume.

If you try to record again, then press microphone icon again. Please make sure that the voice recorded is overwritten by the new voice.

* Let's save your voice

If the voice you have temporarily recorded just now is ok, then save it.

Press 'Save your voice' arrow, to save your voice.

After you save your voice, the speaker icon at the bottom will become green and the message 'Not saved' become 'Recorded voice'.

Press the icon to play your recorded voice.

You have made the page with animal sound.

Animal photo with its sound

* Add the page to the book

Check that the speaker icon is green.

Press it to play your voice.

Press 'Good' button some times to add the page to the book.

Press 'Make Zoo book' button to complete the book.

Let's see the book you have made just now.

Select 'See Zoo book' at the top page and 'SCARY ROAR' book in the page.

Press the green speaker icon to play your voice.

Let's make some pages with animal sounds.

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