Let's make Zoo Book!

Let's play the game.

There are some game books with animal photos.

Let's introduce one of them.

Where is the animal ?

Let's search a photo of the animal.

'Where is the animal ?' is a simple game that you search a photo of the animal shown in the page.

For example, let's search a photo of 'hippopotamus' as shown in the following figure.

Turn pages

Turn pages to find the photo of the animal. In this case 'hippopotamus'.

Press 'SELECT' button when you find it.

* When wrong answer

The following message is shown when you select a wrong animal, for example.

You can continue to search if you want.

Press 'ANSWER' if you give up.


There are some games you can get points.

* What is point ?

In some games, you can get points if you cleared the game.

You can get new animals if you get many points.

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