Let's make Zoo Book!

'Let's make Zoo Book!' is an appli that you can make special zoo books with animal photos.

1. Try to make a book

Let's try to make one of zoo books.

Try to make a book !

2. Photo taking

At first, you have only 30 photos. Let's go to photo taking and add animal photos to your library!

Go to
photo taking

3. Book with animal sounds.

You can record your voice in some zoo books. Let's make sounds like animals!

your voice

4. Play game books

You can play game books with animal photos. Get "POINTS" by playing the games, and new animals will appear.


5. Get prizes

You will be able to get some prizes, if you take photos and make books. Let's get all prizes!

Try to get

6. Others

You can select user and level, initialize database ( delete play data ) and get copyright information.

Go to