The Lord of the Castles

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1. Introduction

2. Let's start the game!

3. Reference

3. Reference

3.1 User

You can select user from three users; User 1, User 2 and User 3.

Each "user" has each game data area respectively and you can play game as each user independently.

See "Change user name" if you want to change user name.

3.2 Two modes

There are two modes in this game; Story mode and free mode.

The goal of the game is to conquer all castles in story mode.

Story mode

1.Conquer castles one by one from first to the last. You can conquer each castle only once in a single story mode. If you want re-conquer the castle, You must reset the story mode. Tap "From Start" in Story Mode window to reset it.

2.When you complete the conquest, you can get score. Each score and story mode score are recorded in the database.

3.You can get new pieces of map and guidebooks when you conquer new castles.

4.You cannot refer guidebooks in story mode.

5.The result of the conquest is record in "History".

6.Tap "From Start" in Story mode window, then you can initialize the story mode data. But, the data in the "History" is not initialized. The number of the story mode is to be incremented.

Free mode

1.You can select any castle displayed on the map.

2.The map will be spread and available castles on it are to be increased if you conquer new castles in story mode. The available castles are not initialized even if you initialize story mode. But they are initialized if you reset the database.

3.You can refer guidebook.

4.You can get new guidebook if you conquer castles in story mode.

5.Scores are not recorded in free mode.

3.3 Map

Part of the map is displayed when you select a castle as showed in the following figure.

The map will be spread when you conquer castles in story mode. As a result you will be able to get all the map.

3.4 Guidebook

What is Guidebook ?

As you conquer castles, puzzles become more and more difficult.

You can refer to guidebooks while you try to conquer the third or later castles. You can refer to guidebooks only in FREE MODE !

Each castle has each guidebook which has different pages. When you tap "Guide" in free mode, you can see the following window. The following figure shows the initial state with no guidebooks.

As shown in this figure, Hyperion Castle has a guidebook which has three pages, Charon and Bianca Castle have guidebooks which have five pages respectively.

If you conquer more castles, more guidebooks are displayed in this window.

How to get guidebook pages

You can get guidebook pages by conquering castles in story mode. The following figure shows that you can get the first guidebook page.

As you conquer castles in story mode, more and more pages are shown in this window.

How to use guidebooks

You can use guidebooks only in free mode. When you play games with its guidebook, you can see "Show Guide" in the center of the window.

If you tap the "Show Guide", guidebook page is shown over the play area.

Tap guidebook page to hide it.

Each page has the number which is shown at the center of the window, such as "Guide No.1".

Guidebook pages show arrangement of pieces, which give hints to help you solve puzzles. You can solve a puzzle by tracing arrangement of pages in a sequence.

At first, let's slide pieces the same as no.1 guidebook page. Then, slide them the same as no.2. And next, no.3 ... . At last, you can complete the puzzle.

3.5 History

When you conquer a castle in story mode, time, counts and score are recorded in database.

The following figure shows the initial window.

When you conquered Parene castle, for example, the result is recorded as follows.

Restart story mode

Tap "From Start" in story mode menu to restart story mode. When you tap the menu, the current story mode data is not deleted but the new data is created.

In the next figure, you can see "STORY No." is "2" which is incremented.

Tap "Prev" to see previous story mode data. In the following figure, you can see "STORY No.1" is finished.

3.6 Save and load

Each user ( User 1,2 and 3 ) can save and load game data in story and free mode separately.

In story mode, saved data can be loaded only if castle of the data is same as the current castle.

All of saved data are deleted if you initialize the database.

3.7 Help

In the bottom of help menu, there is a "Initialize Database" button which allows you to delete game data and history.

Caution ! : You CANNOT undelete the deleted data.

3.8 Net ranking

You can register your score in story mode, when you conquer Hyperion castle or later.

If you conquer Hyperion castle or later, you can see the message as follows.

Tap "Yes" if you want to register your score.

You can register your score only just after you conquer the castle. If you tap "No", you can never register this score.

Input your name, comment and tap "OK".

* The net ranking system is subject to stop, change and suspend without notice.

* Registration may fail according to the condition of internet or server.

* User name field is automatically populated with one registered in the application. See the following section, if you want to modify the name.

3.9 Change user name

User name is used when you register your score to the net ranking. If you set the name as you like in the game, you don't have to input your name when you register your score.

Default user name is "User 1", "User 2" or "User 3".

To change the user name, tap colored square or user name at the left bottom corner in the select-castle panel.

Input new name and tap OK. Length of the name must be equal or less then 10.

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