The Lord of the Castles

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1. Introduction

2. Let's start the game!

3. Reference

2.Let's start the game!

2.1 Top Menu

The next figure shows the top menu.

Tap "Game" in the menu to start the game.

2.2 Select User

Select user from three users( user 1, 2 and 3 ). Game data of each user is saved separately.

Each user has each color ( red, green and blue ).

2.3 Select Mode

There are two modes : Story mode and free mode. You can select one of them.

Story mode

In story mode, you can try to conquer all castles one by one, and scores are recorded in database.

Free Mode

In free mode, you can try to conquer any castle that you can play. Scores are NOT recorded.

Let's start in free mode, if you are a beginner. To play game in free mode, tap "Free Mode" in "Select Mode". Let's tap "Conquest" in "Free Mode".

2.4 Select Castle

Select a castle on the map in the following window.

In the initial window, you can select from only two castles on the map. When you conquer castles in Story Mode, you will get pieces of the map and you will be able to select more castles.

At first, let's select Pallene castle.

2.5 Start Game

The dialog box will be displayed when you select a castle. Tap "Start" to start the game.

Drag pieces

The following figure shows the game board.

There are some square and rectangle pieces, which you can slide.

You can move( slide ) pieces in the field(play area) which is surrounded by green wall. In the field, There are brown (yellow-brown) areas which are not occupied by pieces. You can slide pieces to the unoccupied area.

But, you cannot slide pieces if their width are bigger than it.

The goal

The goal of this puzzle is to move castle piece( a big square piece ) to the center-bottom of the play area.