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What is this app ?

How to enjoy it

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Press "Zoo Books" or the icon to see the zoo book list.

Read zoo books

Scroll the list and press the zoo book icon that you want to read.

The numbers of photos and books left are shown at the top side of the display.

Zoo book

A zoo book is shown as follows,

Scroll to the left or right to flip the page.

Press the button at the top left or top right to skip the previous or next 10 pages.

17 zoo books

When can I get a new photo or book ?

New photo

When you see the zoo book list, the panel like the following picture may appear suddenly.

In this example, you can get the photo of owl ,which is inserted to some of zoo books.

You can get one new photo every 4 hours (6 hours in FREE edition). In other words, you can get another new photo 4 hours ( 6 hours in FREE edition ) after the time you got the previous one.

New book

When you can get a new book, the following panel will appear.

Game book

There are 4 game books, in which you can play mini-games with photos. At first, you can play only one game book. Finally you will get 4 books.


You can play the game book "WHAT IS THIS ANIMAL ?"

A name of animal (in this example, "shark") is shown on the page. Let's flip pages to search a photo of it and press "SELECT".

You may think that it is easy, but it will be more adn more difficult as you get more photos.

Other game books

There are 3 more game books. You will be able to play them by flipping photos or names. Please look forward to them.


In this page, you can see help page in the center and three buttons at the bottom.


Press "Database" button, and you can see two functions;

  1. Animals in Your Native Language
  2. Reset DB

1. Animals in Your Native Language

You can name all of animals in your native language.

Press "Input Names", and the following page will appear. Initially, English name is shown. You can translate it into your native language. Then press "OK" button..

Let's change names of all animals in the same way. As the name is stored one by one, you need not change all names at a time.

As English, Japanese, and your new names are stored separately, pre-stored English and Japanese names are not overwritten by your new names.

If you want to use your new name, check "Use New Names". Then all names are changed to your new names.

If you uncheck the "Use New Names", all names are changed to English or Japanese. If you check it again, all names are changed to your names again.

2. Reset Database

You can reset ( initialize ) your play-data (data of pages and books). To reset database, input "13597" and press "Execute".

New animal names are not deleted even if you reset the database. If you want to reset them, uninstall this app and re-install a new one.

Image Info.

If you press "Image Info." button on the help page, you can see copyright information of photos.

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