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Android App

AirShooter is an app that is designed for Android smartphones and tablets.

You can receive/send files between your smartphone and your PC via LAN/Wifi by using AirShooter.

Regular version is pay app and lite version is free.

Concept : Easy and Quick

You can transfer files between your smartphone and PC in "Easy and Quick" way.

To make transfer easy and fast, you need to do minimum operations when you transfer files.

File Receiving

You can receive files from the folder in your PC to your smartphone.

Only you need to do is to press the START button. The hierarchy of folders are also transfered to your smartphone.

File Sending

Two methods are available; Selective sending and folder sending.

In selective sending, you pick files, photos in your smartphone and send them to your PC.

In folder sending, whole files and folders in the output folder of your smartphone are sent to the input folder in your PC.