Japanese Word Quest

What is Japanese Word Quest (JWQ) ?

Are you a student in a Japanese language school ?
Are you studying Japanese words ?

If so, let's try this app.

It is very easy to enjoy this app ; only 2 steps.

  1. See a photo and guess the name of something that is in it.
  2. Input the name in Japanese hiragana.


This is an example.

What is in this photo ?


What is going on in this photo ?

Can you answer in Japanese hiragana ? OK, then, let's try this app.

Try Problem in the App

This is the problem page of the photo.

If you find the answer, let's input it.

For example, let's inpupt 'a' in Japanese hiragana.

When you finish entering your answer, then press OK.

Attention! the following answer is not correct !!

If your answer is right, you get "That's right", else "That's wrong."

Hint Ticket

If we encountered a difficult problem, what can we do ?

No problem.

You can buy hint tickets about the problem.

Please note that you need not real money to buy the tickets. You only need POINTS that you can get when you solve problems in this app.

Three Types of Tickets

To buy tickets, press 'Buy Ticket' button.

There are three types of tickets; English, Kanji and Letters. Your points and prices of three tickets are shown on the ticket-shop page.

Press the icons to buy them.


If you buy tickts, you can get one or some hints.




Map of Japan

In this app, problems are located on a map of Japan.

At first, you can only select Hokkaido area (the northern area of Japan). The more problems you solve, The more areas you will be able to access.

In the Hokkaido

If you select Hokkaido, you can see many problems.

This map shows a part of the following all Hokkaido.

If you solve all problems in Hokkaido, all problems turn red.

Please note that the different colors are used in the different areas.

Solve All Problems in Japan!

If you solve many problems (not all) in Hokkaido, you can access another area in Japan.

And, you solve many problems in the area, you can access another area, and ... You can access all area in Japan.

Screen Shots

You can see some screen shots of this app.

Help Page in App

You can refer to the actual help page of App for more details.

Download from Google Play

You can download the app from Google Play.

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