Animals and photos

130+ animals and 180+ photos

More than 130 animals will appear and 180 or more photos can be taken.

30 photos is already taken from the beginning. You can try to make books using them.

Let's take a look at some of the photos

Do you know all of the following animals ? Some are very familiar and others are not.


Zoo Books

20+ Books

You can make books of more than 20 kinds. They are ormal, special, animal sounds and game books.

Let's take a look at some of them.

Zoo Books
Name Type Description


Normal book Let's make a zoo book of big animals.



Let's make a zoo book of animal families or babies.

If you make such as 'special' book and satisfy the necessary conditions, you can get a certificate.


ANIMAL SOUNDS Imitate animal's roar and record your voice.


GAME A name of an animal is shown on the page. Let's search a photo of the animal!

Getting started

Take photos , make a zoo book, and see it!


There are 4 menus on the top page; See Zoo Book, Make Zoo Book, Take Photos and Help.

As 30 photos is already taken from the beginning. let's try to make a zoo book using them.

Make a zoo book


Select "Make Zoo Book" in the top page, and select a zoo book you want to make.

In the next page, press "Make Zoo book".

Choose photos and put them on your book


Press "Good" button again and again if you want to put it on your book. The orange-colored bar extends to the right edge as you press the button. On the book, photos are ordered according to the number you pressed.

When you choose all photos you want to put on your book, press "Make Zoo book" button.

Let's see your book


Select "See Zoo Book" on the top page.

Select the book you have just made in the book list.

Flick the screen to move pages.

How to take photos

Search animals in the flowing landscape


You go to the photo taking location, the screen shows flowing landscape as if you are driving.

When you find an animal


An animal is hiding itself in the bush or so. Look for its tail in the landscape.

When you find it, press shutter button (camera button) on the right.



If you succeed in taking a photo, it is shown on your screen.

You can put it on your books.

How to Record Your Voice

Select a book for animal sounds


In some books, you can record your voice as animal sounds on each page.

Animal sounds are for example lion's roar or bird's singing.

You can record your voice in books such as "SCARY ROAR".

Let's try to record your voice in it.

Press the microphone button


Open a page of lion in "SCARY ROAR" zoo book. You can see a microphone button in the left. If the button is shown in green, it's ready to record your voice. If it is shown in gray, you cannot record your voice in the book.

Press the button and start recording !

Recording panel


When you press the button on this panel, the recording will start.

Are you ready to imitate animal sounds ?

Let's start!

Now recording !


Red microphone button shows that it is now recording your voice.

Make sounds like animals! The yellow bar are extending to the right during recording.

Recording finishes when the yellow bar reaches the right. If you want to finish recording before the bar reaches the right, press the red microphone button. The recording finishes immediately.


Play the recorded voice


Let's listen to your voice recorded just now.

Is the volume ok ? Check the volume of the phone, and press the speaker button to play your voice. If you cannot hear your voice, check the silent mode of the phone.

If you want to record again, press the microphone button again.

Save your voice


Press "Save your voice" button to save your voice in the phone.

Play the saved voice


Press the speaker button at "Recorded voice" when you want to play the saved voice.

Let's see a zoo book of animal sounds


Open "SCARY ROAR" book in the book list.

In the page of the book, the speaker button is green and youcan press it.

Recorded voice is played when you press it.

Let's record various animal sounds like roar, singing and other strange sounds. Let's make an interesting book of animal sounds with them.

More details

Please access the help page of the app if you want to know more details.

Copyright information

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