Let's take photos and make zoo books!


"Let's make Zoo Book!" is an app for android. It's for children ( - 12 years old )

You go to savanna, jungle, farm, mountain or water area. You take photos of animals there. Then, you can make zoo books with them.

The more you take photos of animals, the more you can make interesting zoo books. The more you make zoo books, the more animals appear.

In some books, you can record your voice as animal sounds, such as lion's roar or songs of birds. In other books, you can play games with the photos.

When you take many photos, make many books or make some special books, you may be able to get some certificates.

Let's take all photos of all animals, make all zoo books and get all certificates!

130+ kinds of animals and 180+ photos


In this app, there appear over 130 kinds of animals and you can take over 180 photos.

Animals are cats, dogs, horses, elephants, lions, ... and other many strange animals! You can see some animals that you have never known.

20+ zoo books


There are over 20 zoo books. You can make most of them except some game books.

In them, there are normal, sound, special and game books.

With the sound ones, you can record your voice as animals' sounds. With the special ones, you can get some certificates when you satisfy the necessary conditions. With the game books, You can play games.

Press "Good" button again and again!


To make a zoo book, you must choose photos you want to put on the book and put them in order. It is very hard work!

Press "Good" button again and again if you want to put the photo on the book. The orange colored bar extends to the right as you press the button. The photos are put on the book in order according to the number of times you pressed.

Let's choose animals along the theme of the books.

5 locations

5 areas

You can take photo at 5 locations; savanna, jungle, farm, mountain, and water area.

You will be able to find animals there. Let's go taking photos!

Flowing landscape

take photo

At the photo taking location, the landscape is flowing as if you are on a moving car. Let's move the camera frame on the display and take photos of an animal that hides somewhere.

Can you find an animal ? In the scenery, can you find a black or brown tail in the bush or behind stones ? That is the animal. Let's press the shutter at the right-top corner of the display.

If you success, The photo will be displayed.

Record your voice!

animal sound

You can record your voice in the book as animal sounds!

For example, let's imitate a roar of lions. Can your child imitate it? Let's record your child's voice on lion's page.

If you recorded the voice, you can play the voice on the page whenever you want to hear it.

Can your child imitate other sounds of animals ? Goat, sheep, mouse, fox, bird, elephant, Laughing Kookaburra ?

Let's challenge imitating various animals !

Playing game books

play game

You will get "Game book" some time. It's the book you can play a game with animal photos.

There are some game books. Easy ones and some exciting ones.

For example, in one of the game books, an animal's name is displayed on the page and you start to search the photo of the animal.

Do you think it is easy ? No. It is more and more difficult when you take 150 or more photos! But children will be able to do well, because they remember everything!

Other games ? Secret ! Please look forward to seeing new game books!