* Released to Android Market.

What is 'The Lord of the Castles 2' ?

* App for android, which is distributed as a free app in Google Play.

* App of a kind of slide puzzles whose common name is 'Hakoiri-musume' in Japan.

* In the puzzle, there are some kinds of pieces(tiles); a big square(CASTLE), small squares, and rectangles. The goal of the puzzle is to move the big piece(CASTLE) from the start positon to the bottom-center of the play-area by sliding pieces.

* There are some castles(stages) in the game. You can get scores by conquering the castles ( solving the puzzles ).

* You can play this game in English and Japanese versions.

How to play the game.

Conquer the castles one by one

In the beginning, you have small piece of a map on which you can see a castle.

Whey you conquer the castle, you can see a red flag is on it and get a new piece of the map with a new castle. Then you can try to conquer the next one.

The goal is to conquer all the castles on the map.

Conquer a castle = solve a puzzle !

You can solve puzzles as follows.

Pieces can be slided to the unoccupied area like 15 puzzles, sliding block puzzle or sliding tile puzzles.

Unlike 15 puzzles, this puzzle has various size pieces. You cannot slide one if its size is bigger than the unoccupied area.

The goal is to slide the biggest piece (CASTLE) from the start position to the bottom-center of the play-area.

Are the puzzles difficult ? --- You can use guidebooks.

As you conquer castles, the puzzles become more and more difficult.

You can refer to guidebooks if you cannot solve the puzzles.

The guidebooks are kinds of hints. For example, a page of guidebooks is overlapped on the play area, then arrange(slide) pieces just same as the page.

If you finished the arrangement, then your next target is the next page. The guidebook pages will take you to the goal.

Story and Free mode

'Can I always use the guidebooks ?' --- the answer is 'NO'.

There are two modes in the game; story and free modes.

The goal of the game is conquer all castles in STORY MODE. But you can refer to the guidebooks only in FREE MODE.

The difference between story and free modes are follows. Let's clear the game by using these two modes.

GoalTo conquer all castles in story mode.To practice solving the puzzles.
Select a castleYou cannot select a castle.You can select a castle freely from castles you can play.
MapYou can get a new piece of map, if you conquer a castle.You cannot get any piece of map.
GuidebookYou can get a new guidebook, if you conquer a castle.
But you cannot refer to the guidebooks
You cannot get new guidebooks.
You can refer to the guidebooks.
ScoreScore, count and time of both by castle and all are to be recorded.No score, count and time is recorded.
Net rankingYou can register your score to the net ranking system.You cannot register your score.

Net ranking

When you conquer Hyperion castle ( the 3rd ) or later, you can register your scores to the net ranking system.

You can see the ranking from the following link.

Show net ranking.(in another window or tab)

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You can read help pages of the game from the following link.

Show help pages(in another window or tab)

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